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Hiring and Retention

The process of intelligently choosing, keeping and motivating staff is one of the most difficult tasks a company can face. Our Hiring and Retention reports are designed to make these tasks easier.

  • Have you ever hired someone who seemed fantastic in the interview but turned out to be a terrible employee?
  • Before hiring for a position do you take the time to determine what the profile of an ideal candidate looks like?
  • Do you know how much employee turnover is costing you?
  • Have you identified the differences between individuals who are successful in a role versus those that fail?
  • Do you spend too much of your time dealing with bad hires instead of making the good ones future stars?

Development and Coaching

Effectively developing your employees involves understanding their abilities, interests and personality. You can then use that knowledge to work with them towards success within your organization. Our reports make it easier for companies to develop and coach their employees so that they can reach their potential.

  • Employee loyalty is enhanced when companies show that they're investing in an employee's future.
  • Effective leaders are aware of both the strengths and weaknesses they bring to an organization.
  • Understanding their unique attributes gives employees the right knowledge to make smart choices

Succession Planning and Promotion

With today's changing workforce demographics, and the imminent retirement of an entire generation of managers, it is increasingly important that organizations are able to make wise promotion decisions. Promoting the wrong people can limit your organization’s future, and send negative ripples throughout the organization.

  • A large portion of your staff will be retiring within the next ten years. Do you have a succession planning strategy in place?
  • As the availability of competent job applicants continues to decrease, companies are forced to evaluate and understand who amongst their current employees can be counted on to advance.
  • How does an organization determine who its future leaders will be?
  • Our Succession Planning Solutions will evaluate your staff and help you determine who the best candidates for advancement are.
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